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Equality and diversity

Birmingham Women’s Hospital recognises that we are all individuals and we appreciate the unique contribution that each individual can make in providing high quality healthcare services. It is this belief that underpins our commitment to equality and diversity.

Equality and Diversity  – Knowledge Centre

Read the blog by Joan Saddler OBE about shaping the future of healthcare from an equality and diversity perspective.

The Workforce Race Equality Standard

The Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) was introduced in April 2015, after engaging and consulting key stakeholders including other NHS organisations across England. It is now included in the NHS standard contract, starting in 2015/16 and included in the 2016/17 NHS standard contract.

Birmingham Women's Hospital Workforce Race Equality Standard 2016

The Equality Delivery Scheme

The Equality Delivery Scheme #2 supports Birmingham Women’s Hospital’s annual business planning to ensure that equality, diversity and fairness are at the heart of the care and treatment that users of our service receive.
The Trust has also produced an action plan to meet new national NHS requirements for improved workforce race equality.
Our aim is to improve the quality of our services for you, whether you are a patient, a member of our staff or someone who lives in the communities we provide services to. Please open the Equality Delivery Scheme here:

Equality Delivery Scheme 2015 public copy

The Trust’s Annual Equality and Diversity Report is available at the link below

Annual Equality Report

Please open the Workforce Equality Report 2012 here

The Trust has an Equality and Diversity Committee which meets on a bi-monthly basis to debate and progress equality matters. If you are interested in this please contact for more information.