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Patient Information and Leaflets

The Trust produces a wide range of leaflets which provide information about our services and the treatment and procedures you might receive in our clinics and during your stay in hospital.

All our leaflets are reviewed by a readers panel and regularly updated to ensure that the information is both clear and accurate.

There are some links to useful leaflets on external websites and these are provided for information purposes only.

To view the leaflets, please select from the menu below.


Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit

The Miscarriage Association can offer help during this difficult time.  Please click on the link to Miscarriage Association website for further information and support.

The link below will take you directly to a range of leaflets the Miscarriage Association provides.


EIDO leaflets - Approved patient information leaflets provided by EIDO Healthcare

EIDO Healthcare produces high-quality endorsed patient information leaflets that will be provided to you by your healthcare provider. The list below are to Lite” versions of leaflets :

If you experience difficulties accessing the links, please visit :

and enter the relevant leaflet code or leaflet Title into the page search.




Diabetes in pregnancy

Fetal Medicine